Shadowkit's Memories

Author: Twi
Status: In the Making
Preceding: N/A
Succeeding: Coming Soon
Spellcheckers: N/A
Take a travel through the memories of young Shadowkit


"Come in, settle down," whispered a dark gray she-kit. Her underside was paler, as was the areas around her eyes. She had a striped tail and darker paws. Her golden eyes closed and she reached out a paw, touching the forehead of a lithe light brown tabby tom with a twisted paw. He shuddered and fell into a deep sleep, traveling through the kit's memories.

Chapter One - Bloody ExitEdit

"Have you seen your sister, Shadowkit?" mewed a small tortoiseshell from the corner of the nursery.

"No," mewed the gray kit. "Did you tell her to do something today?"

"She kept disturbing Shimmertail's kits, so, I sent her out to play in the camp. Would you mind taking a look?"

"Of course not, Blossomcloud."

Shadowkit trotted out of the nursery, careful not to disturb any other cats, and began to look for her sister. "Rainkit!" she hissed. "Are you near? Rainkit!" Shadowkit spotted her father and scampered over. "You've been on watch all day, right?" He nodded and she continued. "Have you seen Rainkit anywhere?"

"I saw her heading for the gorse tunnel, but, that was a long while ago. Do you need to leave camp to find her? I'll go look."

"What about your watch? Froststar wouldn't be happy knowing her deputy left while supposed to be on watch."

"Could you stay, just for a little? She knows your loyal and smart."Flightclaw licked her ear.

"Of course, father," she mewed. "Look as hard as you can!"

He nodded and dashed away to find Rainkit. Shadowkit paced nervously. What if he doesn't find her? she wondered. Don't think like that...' Shadowkit scolded herself. I should just stay calm and keep on watch. She turned and watched the camp entrance.

When Flightclaw returned, his fur looked ruffled and in his jaws was a small pelt. Rainkit...? wondered the kit.

"Flightclaw," she squeaked. "I-is that...Rainkit?"

The grey tabby nodded, and gently set down the pelt. "Slain," he meowed, his voice hollow.

"That's obvious. But who would want to do this to a kit, or any cat, really?"

"Someone with a grudge. Now why don't you go back to the nursery?"

"Alright. I'll see you later," she mewed, licking the kit's corpse once more.

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