This story/series will not be continued.
The author of this story, Icefern, has either left Warriors Share Wiki, or will not finish the story/series. Therefore, it is inactive.

Secret love Series is written by Icefern50. The book is taken in point in veiw by Icefur. The story takes place in the forest. Rainclan camp is similar to thunderclan's camp. Read the Allegiances for Secret Love.


  • Secret Love Icefur is on hunting protrol when she crosses Mountainclan teritory. She hides behind a bush as a warrior comes out of nowere. Then she met the love of her life. But only then she found out her self how hard it will be between Rainclan and her love from Mountainclan. What if someone found out? What if i get cought by a Mountainclan cat?.........
  • More coming soon

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