The adventures of Screamkit

This story/series will not be continued.
The author of this story, Dewstar, has either left Warriors Share Wiki, or will not finish the story/series. Therefore, it is inactive.

Screamkit lay in a nest of moss hoping something happened soon.

"Is anything going to happen?" he mewed to his little sister Faithkit.

"Not that I know of. Maybe we can ask mommy if we can play today?" she mewed not very interested.

"Ok" he mewed "Mommy can I go outside with Sagekit and Cinnamonkit?"

"No!" she mewed tiredly "Its early yet go back to bed." "Fine" he growled and fell back asleep. Faithkit, Cinnamonkit and Sagekit were purring in their sleep making it hard for him to go to sleep. "Be quiet mouse-brains" he spat. "Why don't you be quiet" Sagekit retorted. "Be quiet all of you" hissed Cinnamonkit. "Be quiet Cinnamonkit this is not your problem" They spat. Cinnamonkit cried loudly "Mommy they are being mean to me!" " What did i tell you Go to bed!" Heatherwind growled angrily. Cinnamonkit went and slept alone. Sagekit got in a fight with Screamkit "I hate you Sagekit" he spat "Well i hate you too" Sagekit spat back and tackled him. Screamkit kicked him off and then ran out of camp falling into a hole. "Help someone Help!" he cried. Sagekit heard him but didnt care. "Help me please im going to die" He wailed. Runningfire heard and grabbed him "What are you doing out of camp" "Sagekit pushed me in" he cried. "Well then i will talk with him".

Runningfire takes Screamkit back to camp and puts him in the nursery

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