Scorpion Tribe of the Desert

Author: Ravenflight
Status: Unfinished
Series: None yet
Allegiances: Scorpion Tribe
Preceding: None
Succeeding: None
Spellcheckers: any one who wants to I guess
Jinko is a small sand cat in training. Little does she know her life will turn upside down when a strange visitor comes to her little tribe in the desert...

Before You Read...Edit

Please note that I, Ravenflight, amd back! I hope you still welcome me! I was busy with this:

Please check it out some time!

Chapter 1Edit

"Jinko... when you attack prey you're supposed to stun it with a blow to the head... not rush into

the fight and bite

Jinko (credit to who ever took the picture)

it's neck blindly..." Tripp, Jinko's mentor sighed, "Now try it again... this time proporly."

Jinko sighed, "I've been doing this all day!"

"Well get used to it... you'll have to serve the tribe well when you're older. We're nearly out of fresh cats... if you know what I mean." Tripp chuckled, "Now here's a rattlesnake skin. Practice on that. I'll be getting some real prey now." Tripp nodded at Jinko and padded off into the desert alone.

Jinko crouched to the sand. Her extra padded paws made good protection against the hot, blistering sand. Creeping slowly, she pretended the snake skin was real and that it could strike any moment. With a flurry of paws she pounced and smacked the snake skin on the head, then finnaly giving it a death bite to neck while it was still "stunned".

"Good pounce!"

The voice behind her made Jinko jump.

"Woah! Calm down! It's me... Miles!"

Jinko lowered her fur, reconizing the soft face of her best friend. "You nearly scared me to death!" She pawed his face.

Miles mewed, "I'm on break... do you want to go to the nursery with me?"

"Tripp told me to practice... but I guess I can come with you for a little while!"

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