"Well, a rowan is a type of tree. Rowan-fall would suggest that the tree is falling, saying it is weak. But you aren't weak, Rowanfall. You don't fall. You stay standing strong, you are a strong- no, the strongest rowan. If you try, you can withstand anything."
— Heartface to Rowanfall in The Strongest Rowan

Rowanfall is a brown she-cat with pale ginger paws and tail, deep blue eyes, a white tuft on her chest, and a pink heart-shaped patch on her haunch.

Status: Medicine Cat Apprentice
Current: WindClan
Past: None
Kit: Rowankit
Apprentice: Rowanpaw
MCA: Rowanpaw
Mother: Mistfrost
Father: Grayhaze
Mate: None
Living: Rowanfall's Journey Starts

Warning: This page may contian spoilers for The Rowanfall Tale series

Rowanfall is the main character of The Rowanfall Tale series by Rowanfall. She is a peace-loving she-cat who doesn't like fighting and isn't good at hunting. She founded a group of cats called the Clouder of Strong Rowans.

Note: in her name, the rowan i am referring to is the mounatian ash tree, not the bird.


Rowanfall's Journey StartsEdit

Rowanfall starts out as Rowankit, as this is from the veyr beginning of her life, with her friends, Heatherkit and Featherkit. Her other friend were the five apprentices, Milkpaw, Larkpaw, Rosepaw, Dawnpaw, and Acornpaw.

Rowankit shows dislike for the warrior ways from the start, only keeps most of her doubts a secret from all but her friends and mother. Mistcloud recives a prophecy that says that Rowankit will be a danger to the clans and will never be a warrior, and is determinned to prove StarClan wrong. However, her reluctance to become a warrior drove Rowankit, now Rowanpaw, to become the apprentice of Berrryblossom, the medicine cat.

More coming soon...

Character PixelsEdit

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