This is a page on my first series, Rising Thunder Series.

Hope you enjoy it!

Main StoryEdit

The series follows Thunderkit, a former rogue kit brought to StoneClan by her dying mother, Petal. Thunderkit's Clanmates do not trust her, but she is destined for greatness....and despair...


"Sun and Moon shall rise up and join,

The Clans will be swept into a terrible storm,

But in the end, a great Thunder will save us all."

Rising Thunder StoriesEdit

OK, this is where I'll put the stories in this series. I haven't started any of them yet.

Dawn - This is about Thunderkit's life from rogue kit to apprentice.

The Battle: Maplewind's Secret - About Thunderpaw's life from apprentice to warrior, and a battle in between that will change her forever.

Moonrise - About how Thundersong will deal with the prophecy and on Sun Rogues and Moon Rogues alliance.

I haven't planned the next stories yet, but I will soon.

Clan InfoEdit


  • Territory: Forest, with a camp in the rock
  • Main Prey: Birds, Mice, Voles, other rodents.
  • Very peaceful, although great fighters and hunters.


  • Territory: Dense forest
  • Main Prey: Squirrels, Rodents, Birds.
  • Great hunters, good fighters.


  • Territory: Pine/Deciduous forest
  • Main Prey: Rodents, some birds.
  • Very gentle and calm.


  • Territory: Open moor, like WindClan's, with sparse trees.
  • Main Prey: Rabbits, occasionally mice.
  • Not violent, but willing to fight.

Moon RoguesEdit

  • Territory: Forest
  • Main Prey: Rodents, Birds.
  • Evil rogue cats who attack the Clans.

Sun RoguesEdit

  • Territory: Forest
  • Main Prey: Rodents, Birds.
  • Evil rogue cats who attack the Clans.

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