Ripplesplash and Gingerheart~ The Battle Between Blood

Author: Ravenflight
Status: Unfinished
Series: None
Allegiances: Splashclan and Breezeclan
Preceding: None
Succeeding: None
Spellcheckers: None
Ripplesplash tells us about the time she had to battle her mate's clan. It was a cold stormy night when it happened...


My first battle wasn't a border skirmish, or a stealing prey kind of battle. It was a big battle between the warriors of Splashclan, my clan, and the warriors of Breezeclan, my mate's clan. And no, it was not a scuffle about taking back territory. It was the battle between hearts. Breezeclan challenged us because they didn't want Splashclan interfering with their Breezeclan blood. It was all my fault this battle started...

Chapter 1Edit

It was a dark stormy night when Larkstar asked me to go on a border patrol with him. I agreed and soon we were off with two others to go on patrol. We were half way to the Breezeclan borders when it started to rain and we took shelter under a large oak tree. We waited until it was less heavy then continued. My denmates Pebblestream and Orangefoot were looking ahead at the borders while Larkstar and I stayed behind. Then Orangefoot yowled, "Larkstar! Heronstar wants to see you!"

The tabby cat nodded and headed toward the border where Heronstar was waiting with three other warriors behind him.

He nodded as Larkstar came to join him with us behind.

Then he got serious, "Larkstar. I don't know who was on our territory from your clan but her scent was all over one of our warriors! I'm not sure if some of your cats are actually... loyal."

"What? My warriors are loyal to the bone! You can't just go around acusing us without more evidense!"

"I have all the evidense I need! One of your she-cat warriors sneeks in my territory every night! I'm just trying to say for you to keep your warriors away from mine! They're ruining our Breezeclan blood!"

"Heronstar! I repeat, you can't go around acusing us without more evidense!" Larkstar's hiss sent birds up in the air.

I gulped. What if they found out I was in love with one of Heronstar's warriors? I couldn't think of that thought.

Larkstar made one final hiss, "If you acuse our warriors one more time be prepared for battle!"

"I will you mangy fish eaters!" Heronstar spat and turned around with his warriors following.

"Come on!" Larkstar hissed to his warriors, "Let's get out of here!"

I was worried. What if I got exiled? What if he got exiled? What if Gingerheart got exiled because of me? What if we both did? But if we both got exiled, wouldn't it be fine for us to love eachother?

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