I have a prophecy chosen by StarClan to share with you. One will fall to evil, one will die, and one will live in peace.

Spottedleaf to Ravenfeather in Ravenfeather's Gift Chapter 4

Status: Alive
Current: ThunderClan
Past: Loner
Kit: Raven (Loner)
Apprentice: None
Warrior: Ravenfeather
Mother: Stream
Father: Rowan
Mate: Goldenflower
Sister(s) None
Brother(s): Feather, Tide
Daughters(s): None
Son(s): None
Living: Goldenflower's Love, Pantherkit's Escape, Ravenfeather's Gift, Adderkit's Betrayal, A New Moon
Dead: None
FanClan Information
FanClaned By: Ottersplash
Ravenfeather is a young, lithe, black tom with golden eyes.


Before the Twilight SeriesEdit

Raven is born to Rowan and Stream, two loners living in the abandoned Twoleg nest near WindClan territory. His siblings are Feather and Tide. Raven was the runt of the litter, utterly small. Stream, who knew about the Clans, dedicated some of her time to teach her sons about the four great Clans. Raven often visited ThunderClan territory, since ThunderClan seemed interesting to him. He would sometimes see a tortoiseshell-and-white apprentice. She was often with a silver tabby. Raven instantly fell in love with the ThunderClan tortoiseshell. After many moons, he visited the home of the lovely she-cat that caught his golden eyes.

Goldenflower's LoveEdit

Raven is seen stalking Goldenflower while she hunted a thrush. Raven jumps out and pins Goldenflower to the ground. He yowls his triumph. Raven falls to the ground when Goldenflower pushes, and scratches his flank. He complains on why the tortoiseshell scratched him. Raven then flirts with the tortoiseshell. He comments on why he can't play around with the essence of starlight. Raven and Goldenflower talk some more, when Goldenflower calls out a hunting patrol was near by. Raven turns to run. The next day, Raven is introduced to ThunderClan. He met Nightfern the night before. Hollystar welcomes him, and Raven becomes Ravenfeather.

Pantherkit's EscapeEdit

Ravenfeather is mentioned playing with Pantherkit. Ravenfeather then walks over to his mate.

Ravenfeather's GiftEdit

Ravenfeather is mentioned glancing at the nursery thinking of him having kits. He sees Goldenflower and Nightfern, glancing at him from time to time. Goldenflower then walks over to him, and tells Ravenfeather she will be baring his kits. Ravenfeather is delighted and instantly becomes Goldenflower's "guardian angel". He is her shadow until she goes into labor.

Adderkit's BetrayalEdit

Ravenfeather is seen helping Goldenflower up when she seems to fall. They both head to HighRock, where Hollystar calls a meeting. Ravenfeather sits down besides Goldenflower. Hollystar mentions having a new queen, Snowsong. Ravenfeather turns to speak with a cat next to him, he is then asked if Mistpaw had any problems with Snowsong. Ravenfeather shakes his head. Ravenfeather is found coming into the nursery, yowling Firefur was dead. He led a patrol and found the cat near the ShadowClan border. He blames it all on ShadowClan.

Family Edit


Goldenflower (alive as of Adderkit's Betrayal)


Stream (alive as of Unknown)


Rowan (alive as of Unknown)


Feather (alive as of Unknown)

Tide (alive as of Unknown)

Niece(s) and Nephew(s):

Pantherpaw (alive as of Adderkit's Betrayal)

Meadowkit (alive as of Adderkit's Betrayal)

Dusk-kit (alive as of Adderkit's Betrayal)


  • Ravenfeather is based on a kid I like at school. Don't you dare say anything Nightfern! I swear if you do....