Clan: nightclan

Rainstars choice alligiances

Leader: Rainstar

Deputy: Mistheart

Medicine cat: Nightthunder

Warriors: - Nightcrawler - Blackheart-snowypaw - nightsong - blackberry - darkfire - Blossomstripe - whitefall -Shadowstorm Apprentices:

- Blackpaw- mentor: Blossomstripe - Bluepaw- mentor: Whitefall - Snowypaw- mentor: Blackheart -Stonepaw-mentor:Nightcrawler

Queens: -Leafstone-mate: Blackstorm -Redberry- mate: shadowstorm

Kits: -hawkkit,Graykit,Cloudkit,berrykit,sunkit-mother: Leafstone -snowkit,icekit-mother: Redberry

elders: Spottedear Redeye Blackspots

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