Leader: Dovestar-a white-furred she-cat with icy blue eyes

Deputy: Sunfall-an orange-ginger-furred tom with emerald-green eyes

Medicine Cat: Drynose-a brown-furred tom with a white chest, bright blue eyes, and orange marks on his face


Rainbelly-a light-grey-furred she-cat with emerald-green eyes and a raindrop-shaped mark on her underbelly

Spottedbelly-a brown-furred tom with an ugly scar along his muzzle, a V split left ear, bright amber eyes, and a black-spotted underbelly

Pebblepelt-a silvery grey-furred tabby she-cat with black ears, a black-tipped tail, and bright blue eyes

Bramblethorn-a brown-furred tabby tom with gleaming amber eyes

More coming soon...

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