A cold wind swept through the ThunderClan camp, the nursery was busy making new nests, because almost all the she-cats were going to have kits! Spottedleaf pressed her dappled white, brown, black, and orange tortiseshell pelt against Stormclaw, her mate. He was a hansome dark-gray tom with blazing red eyes, her amber eyes closed, and

Spottedleaf, queen of ThunderClan

she fell to the ground, screeching for help. "Spottedleaf!" Stormclaw meowed

"Il get Aspenfeather! She'll help you!" he meowed with worry

"NOOO!!" she meowed, "I'm already having my kits!"

"What?!" he hissed gently, "Already?"

As the moon glittered, black shadows filled her mind, then, a little white she-kit fell onto the moss. "I must lick this kit!" she declared, and started to lick the kit.

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