Warriors Pics

Cornerclan, Pinefur's Path Cover, Sewingclan

Warriors cover

Full Cover for Pinefur's Path

Pinefur's Path is a FanFiction book, based on the life of a medicine cat. The book starts out when Pinefur is a kit, taken the name of Pinekit, in later chapters she becomes of age of 6 moons to become an apprentice, taking the name Pinepaw, who is apprentice to Medicine Cat, Featherfoot. Pinefur does have 1 brother, named later in the book as Graytail, who's mentor was Sandstorm,(it was my friends favorite character, so she took(not litteraly) the name of Sandstorm. Sewingclan, the birth-clan of the main character, is a clan with well-trained warriors, and are not afraid to fight, like Shadowclan, but are brave and loyal, like Thunderclan, but also have a love for water, like Riverclan, and they have some very agile, and fast runners, like Windclan. So you could say Sewingclan has desendants from all Clans. Cornerclan is a clan very similar to Sewingclan, and their warriors are very social.



Silverstar- Silver she-cat with a blue tint, also deputy of Cornerclan


Sandstorm- Pale ginger she-cat with green eyes, also leader of Cornerclan

Medicine Cat-

Featherfoot- Gray tom with black paws


Icestripe- Muscular white tom with blue eyes

Nature-eye- Dark tabby tom with green eyes

Sandtail- Ginger tom with black paws Elvisfoot- Fluffy, white and gray speckled tom

Blacksplash- White tom with large black spots

Whitefoot- Light brown tom with black stripes and white paws

Dapplepelt- Pale ginger and black she-cat wit yellow eyes


No apprentices at the moment


Brownpatch- Gray and brown tortoiseshell she-cat with blue eyes, mate of Sandtail, mother to Pinekit( ginger, gray, and brown tortoiseshell she-cat with black paws) and Graykit( gray tom with two black paws) Whitespots- White and brown tortoiseshell she-cat with amber eyes, mate of Elvisfoot


Longtail- Pale gray tabby tom with darker stripes

Frostfur- White she-cat with blue eyes



Sandstar- Pale ginger she-cat with green eyes, also deputy of Sewingclan


Slvertail- Silver she-cat with a blue tint, also leader of Sewingclan

Medicine Cat-

Goldheart- Gold, long-furred she-cat


Yellowdolphin- Acorn brown she-cat with dolphin-shape on her flank Daisyheart- Orange and white pactched she-cat

Patchpelt- Tortiseshell she-cat with a white stomach

Ivypool- Silvery-white she-cat with dark blue eyes

Whitewing- White she-cat with green eyes

Willowshine- Pale gray tabby she-cat with blue eyes

Ferncloud- Pale gray she-cat with darker flecks Apprentice- Graypaw Moonheart- Very pale gray tom with blue eyes

Bluefoot- Blue-gray tom with amber eyes

Graypelt- Silvery-gray she-cat with green eyes

Dovewing- Pale gray she-cat with pale gold eyes


Graypaw- No Description yet


No Queens in the Nursery


Heavystep- Thickset tabby tom

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