Paw Prints Series

Author: Littlewillow
Number of Books: four
Books: Mouse's Fur, Fox Leap, Hazel Leaf, Fallen Blossom
Series Status: Will be continued
Story Spellcheckers: Well it hasn't start so there is none :P
When Thunderclan cats start to go missing is this the cause of the Dark forest or is it merely Rock pulling cats into the ancient world.

Many learn powers that can save Thunderclan and only Thunderclan. When Rock makes a bad choice and shows one cat power there is a chain reaction and now the Dark Forest has become more powerful then ever....

I thought up this before TLH came out. So some cats die, that are still alive in the warriors series and the other way around ;) Also, this does not intertwine with The Last Hope (Littlewillow's Edition). This could have happened, but does not in TLH (Littlewillow's Edition).

Mouse's Fur -Mousefur is living a good life as an elder. Suddenly, in a dream she is sweeped back in time, to the ancient times. She, not the best choice by Rock, enjoys her ancient life. When the time comes to make the hard decison to stay and live as an ancient or go back to ThunderClan one last time, to give the info she has learned, what will she choose?

Fox Leap -Foxleap is next to go into the ancient world. He notices that time is repeating itself. The decison he will make will change the clans forever.

Hazel Leaf If I write this, it will spoil :/

Fallen Blossom If I write this, it will spoil :/

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