This is a story Scarletwind's been working on for a while now. She write it with her best friend who doesn't have a wiki account so she's only going to post the parts of the story that were originally written by her. Once she get her permission, she'll post the rest.

I have written out some of the future ideas in fragments but the main story isn't there yet. If Scarlet's in a good mood, she might post them on her user page.


SolarClan and DarkClan have been sworn enemies ever since their birthing. They jeer over the boarders and send their warriors into great slaughters leaving blood dying the grass red. Out of the warring days, two cats step into the light of their new lives. With starlight on their fur and light in their hearts, they have the power to change the state of their very beings and influence the clans around them. This the story of Scarletwind and Amberblaze.


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