Bravestar - dark ginger tabby tom with piercing, ice-blue eyes, long claws, large paws, and a split ear


Darkwing - smokey black tom with large amber eyes, broad shoulders, and a slender tail

Medicine Cat:

Brightsong - golden tabby she-cat with a black-tipped tail and pale blue eyes


Sandfern - pretty, slender, pale ginger she-cat with leaf-green eyes
Thunderheart - large, broad-shouldered, stormy gray tom with dark blue eyes and a battle scarred pelt
Raintooth - mottled blue-gray tom with dark dark blue eyes, a white chest and underbelly, and a split ear
Tawnyshadow - light tortoiseshell tom with pale ginger patches, large paws, fluffy tail, and green eyes

Apprentice: Runningpaw

Bluestone - slender, thick-furred blue-gray she-cat with silver paws, markings by her eyes and blue eyes
Ravenclaw - sleek, jet black tom with narrow, yellow eyes

Apprentice: Lightningpaw

Hawktail - huge, broad-shoulder, dark ginger tom with brown tabby patches and large, yellow eyes
Firestorm - fiery ginger tabby tom with intense, emerald eyes

Apprentice: Stormpaw

Stonegaze - large, gray tom with large yellow eyes, one white paw and a white-tipped tail
Poppyrise - dark ginger she-cat with a black-tipped tail, one white paw, and pale green eyes
Badgerclaw - large, back and white tom with broad shoulders and amber eyes
Sweetberry - fluffy, cream-colored she-cat with gentle blue eyes and thick, plume-like tail
Rosebriar - pinkish-gray tabby she-cat with a bristled tail and green eyes
Gingerfang - pale ginger she-cat with green eyes and a white chest, belly, and tail tip


Stormpaw - dark gray tom with broad shoulders and large, amber eyes
Lightningpaw - swift, pale cream-colored she-cat with a white dorsal stripe
Runningpaw - slender, light brown tabby she-cat with cream-colored patches and pale green eyes


Moonflight - pale gray tabby she-cat with small, white paws, tail-tip, and pale blue eyes.

Mate: Hawktail

Kits: Scarletkit (fiery-ginger she-cat with white paws) and Amberkit (thick-furred black she-cat with bright amber eyes)

Honeylight - pale ginger she-cat with a white chest and paws

Mate: Stonegaze

Kits: Bramblekit (dark brown tom), Ashkit (flecked, gray tom), Winterkit (white she-cat, green eyes), Whisperkit (silver she-cat, blue eyes)

Veilheart - pure white she-cat with misty blue eyes

Mate: Darkwing

Kits: Pantherkit (black tom), Snowkit (fluffy white she-cat), Mountainkit (brown tabby tom), and Nightkit (black tom with silver stripes)


Windheart- skinny, brown tabby tom with yellow eyes, white chest and paws,and a graying muzzle
Sorrelstem - light tortoiseshell she-cat with one blue eye and one green eye
Canterflight - swift gray she-cat with dark gray flecks. Formerly a medicine cat



Lightningstar - swift, slender, cream-colored she-cat with vivid green eyes and long claws


Patchstorm - dark gray tom with black patches and amber eyes

Medicine Cat:

Milkwhisker - creamy-white she-cat with jade, green eyes


Icefur - pure white she-cat with bright blue eyes
Stormheart- dark gray tom with black toms and amber eyes

Apprentice: Nightpaw

Petalpatch - palge ginger she-cat with pinkish patches
Oaktail - large, dark sorrel tabby tom with large amber eyes

Apprentice: Dustpaw

Birdheart - dark brown she-cat with cream-colored patches and emerald eyes
Arrowheart - dusty brown tom with a dark brown dorsal stripe and yellow eyes
Mudpelt - mottled brown tom with oddly curved claws and amber eyes

Apprentice: Reedpaw

Seedpelt - dusty brown she-cat with black and white flecks and green eyes
Sorrelstripes - light sorrel she-cat with darker stripes and blue eyes

Apprentice: Finchpaw

Grassbelly - longhaired, gray tom with dark green eyes
Eaglenose - dark gray tom with a white muzzle and large, yellow eyes
Talonfang - steel-gray tom with dark gray stripes and amber eyes
Bramblescar - dark brown tabby tom with a battle scarred pelt
Singenose - pale gray tom with darker gray smudges, a black muzzle, and amber eyes
Ashstorm - dark gray tom with black flecks and broad shoulders
Thundercrash - jet black tom with large, yellow eyes


Nightpaw - dark gray tom with black belly, chest, and tail tip, and amber eyes
Dustpaw - dusty-brown tom with white paws
Reedpaw - dark ginger tom with white belly
Finchpaw - light golden she-cat with white paws and muzzle


Eveningblossom - black she-cat with silver paws, belly, and bright blue eyes

Mate: Patchstorm

Kits: Heatherkit (light brown she-cat), Windkit (pale gray tom), Hollykit (black she-cat, blue eyes), and Dunkit (pale brown tom with dark brown dorsal stripe)

Brightwings - slender, white she-cat with ginger splashes

Mate: Oaktail

Kits: Ripplekit (blue-gray tabby she-cat), Hailkit (white she-cat), and Claykit (dusky brown tom)

Squirrelscamper - dark gray she-cat with a bushy tail. A dismissed medicine cat

Mate: Hawktail

Kits: Leafkit (bright ginger she-cat) and Stumblekit (large, gray tom)


Rabbitflight - dusky brown tom with long legs
Mousetooth - small, dusky brown she-cat. Retired early due to a crushed paw that won't heal



Wolfstar - large, silvery-gray tabby tom with large, blue eyes


Fenheart - light gray she-cat with ginger dapples and green eyes

Apprentice: Mistpaw

Medicine Cat:

Honeyrain: fluffy, white she-cat with pale ginger dapples and blue eyes


Mosstail - mottled, dark gray tom with dark green eyes
Falconclaw - steel-gray tom with black paws
Redsun - dark ginger tom with a golden furred face and green eyes

Apprentice: Songpaw

Berrypelt - fluffy, cream-colored she-cat with a bright pink nose
Sandypool - sleek, white she-cat with bright ginger patches
Jayheart - spiky-furred gray tom with bright blue eyes

Apprentice: Tawnypaw

Heronfeather - light gray tom with black tail and paws
Tigerblaze - dark orange she-cat with dark stripes
Silverstorm - silvery white tom with dark blue eyes
Nightmask - light gray tom with a black face and large, yellow eyes

Apprentice: Swiftpaw

Sorrelcloud - light tortoiseshell she-cat with emerald eyes

Apprentice: Cheripaw

Twistedtail - slender, light gray tabby she-cat with small, white paws
Vaporwind - dark gray tabby tom with a bushy tail and large blue eyes
Hollywhisker - fluffy, black she-cat with bright green eyes
Mapleheart - light sorrel she-cat with white chest and paws and gray eyes


Songpaw - pretty, sleek, slender black she-cat with white paws and blue eyes
Cheripaw - light ginger she-cat with bright green eyes
Tawnypaw - dark tawny tabby tom with broad shoulders and a bushy tail
Mistpaw - light gray she-cat with light blue eyes
Swiftpaw - dark gray tom with ginger speckles


Breezetail - light gray she-cat with misty blue eyes

Mate: Wolfstar

Kits: Rainkit (dappled gray she-cat), Freezekit (white tom), and Bubblekit (dappled gray she-cat)

Crystalwing - pure white she-cat with light green eyes

Mate: Heronfeather

Kits: Gemkit (light gray she-cat, green eyes), Rubykit (ginger she-cat), Aquakit (light gray she-cat, blue eyes), and Spottedkit(dappled tortoiseshell she-cat)


Frostpelt -beautiful white she-cat with a thick pelt and blue eyes
Patchedfur - black tom with ginger and white patches and dark green eyes
Vinetail - thin, gray tom with a long, skinny tail and dark green eyes



Arrowstar - dark tabby tom with white dorsal stripe and tail tip and pale blue eyes


Ripplestep - blue-gray tom with black brindle stripes on his legs and tail

Apprentice: Birdpaw

Medicine Cat:

Cloversplash - light tawny she-cat with a splash of white on her forehead and bright green eyes


Prancefoot - fleet-footed she-cat with light gray fur and white paws and tail tip and blue eyes

Apprentice: Bellpaw

Jumptail - dark tabby tom with white-tipped ears and paws

Apprentice: Sunpaw

Blizzardear - large, light gray tom with white tipped ears and tail tip and dark green eyes
Cloudpatch - large, broad-shouldered dark gray tom with white splotches and dark blue eyes
Crackletail - light ginger she-cat with a bushy, bristled tail and light green eyes
Acorntail - light tawny tom with darker patches and even darker flecks and amber eyes
Firepad - dar ginger tom with darker paws, white muzzle and paws and dark green eyes

Apprentice: Dimpaw

Hazelpelt - fluffy white she-cat with light brown tabby patches and light blue eyes
Oceanheart - light blue-gray she-cat with white paws and bright blue eyes

Apprentice: Charmpaw

Cindercloud - large, fluffy dark gray tom with a split ear
Maplenose - gentle, pale ginger tom with dark ginger paws and muzzle
Applefur - golden tabby she-cat with leaf green eyes and a fluffy tail
Rainglare - light gray tom with darker flecks, tabby stripes around his eyes, and dark blue eyes


Sunpaw - golden tabby tom with large green eyes
Bellpaw - silvery-white she-cat with light blue eyes
Charmpaw - tortoiseshell and white she-cat with light green eyes
Dimpaw - black tom with a distinctive ginger chest
Birdpaw - light brown-gray tabby she-cat with blue eyes


Snowstem - silvery-white she-cat with light blue eyes and long fur

Mate: Cindercloud

Kits: Mintkit (gray tabby tom), Minnowkit (smoky black she-cat), and Limekit (light gray she-cat)

Ambertail - light ginger she-cat with light auburn tinges around her face and blue eyes

Mate: Ripplestep

Kits: Tumblekit (pale tabby tom), Crispkit (pale ginger tom), Torrentkit (dark gray tom), and Stemkit (white she-cat)

Aspenfur - light tawny she-cat with white paws and pale blue eyes

Mate: Blizzardears

Kits: Flakekit (light brown tom), Flurrykit (fluffy white she-cat), Shinekit (black she-cat), and Icekit (white she-cat)


Bearclaw - massive, broad-shoulder black tom with long foreclaws
Weaselfur - sleek, reddish-tawny tom with a white belly, a finely shaped head, and yellow eyes
Misteyes - light gray tabby she-cat with small, white paws. Retired due to blindess

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