Omen Of The Moon: Allegiances:

Leader: Froststar: White she-cat with brown eyes Apprentice: Goldpaw

Deputy: Brambletalon: Brown tom with deep amber eyes. Apprentice: Talonpaw

Medicine Cat: Silverfrost: Gray she-cat with white eyes and white spots


Thistlethorn: Ragged brown tom with one white ear. Apprentice: Thornpaw

Snowclaw: White she-cat with green eyes.

Ravenflight: Black tom with two white ears. White eyes.

Lynxfeather: Leopard spotted she-cat with fluffy ears. Apprentice: Icepaw

Nightfern: Black she-cat with green eyes. Apprentice: Lionpaw

Duskfog: Light gtray tom with a black muzzle. Yellow eyes.

Sandfoot: Blackish gray she-cat with one sandy colored paw. Apprentice: Featherpaw.


Icepaw:White she-cat with blue eyes

Lionpaw: Golden tom with white ear tips and amber eyes

Thornpaw: Brown she-cat

Goldpaw: Brown she-cat with a golden tail

Talonpaw: Ginger/Brown tom with a white tail and deep blue eyes.

Featherpaw: White she-cat with one pale gray foot. Green eyes.


Fernwillow: Gray specked white she-cat with brown eyes. Mother of: Foxkit: White tom with ginger paws and Hailkit: Gray she-kit. Golden eyes.

Squirrelcloud: Ginger she-cat. Mother of: Brackenkit: Brown tom. Amber eyes. Firekit: Ginger tom. Blue eyes. Fogkit: Gray and ginger she-kit. Green eyes.


Logfur: Brown and white tom. Green eyes.

Mousefang: Young, Blind energetic brown she-cat with blind white eyes.


Leader: Heatherstar: Pale brown she-cat with golden eyes.

Deputy: Kinkpelt: Spikey brown tom with bold amber eyes. Apprentice: Longpaw

Medicine cat: Dustfur: Old brown tom with blind green eyes. Apprentice: Molenose: Brown and gray tom with bright blue eyes.


Lichentail: Dark gray tom with golden eyes. Apprentice: Falconpaw

Blackears: Golden tom with black ears. Deep green eyes.

Shrewfrost: White tom with a brown muzzle. Brown eyes.

Tallpoppy: light brown tabby she-cat with unusual icy blue and green eyes.

Stormheather: Gray tom with green eyes.Apprentice: Mousepaw

Whitestripe: Black tom with a white stripe going down his back. White eyes.


Songwind: Gray she-cat with blue eyes Mother of: Tinykit


Mudeye: white tom with mud brown eyes.


Leader: Cloudstar: Very old white and black tom with bright green eyes and small, deaf ears.

Deputy: Braveheart: Gray tom with amber eyes and scars on his body from cruel kithood. Apprentice:Brokenpaw

Medicine Cat: Lightfeather: Ginger and white she-cat with blue eyes.


Russetpelt: Ginger and gray she-cat with blue eyes. Apprentice: Pinepaw

Rowanfur:Ginger tom with amber eyes

Webtail: Gray tom with black feet, underbelly,ears, and tail. Golden eyes.

Willowclaw:gray she-cat with gray eyes. Apprentice: Dovepaw

Littlestripe:golden tom with one white stripe going down his back

Blueleaf: blue she-cat with golden eyes

Snailwhisker: white tom with a golden muzzle and tail. Apprentice: Darkpaw


Honeytail: Golden she-cat with blue eyes. Mother of: Minnowkit, Pebblekit, And Petalkit.


Lichenpelt: Brown she-cat with golden eyes


Leader: Windstar: young, skinny, brown tom with blue eyes. Apprentice: Speedpaw.

Deputy: Clawheart: Kind, white she-cat with yellow eyes. Apprentice: Logpaw

Medicine Cat: Ottersplash: Brown and white she-cat with icy blue eyes. Apprentice: Poppypaw


Cherryfur: Bright ginger she-cat with amber eyes. Apprentice: Thrushpaw

Sparrowpelt: Brown tom with ginger paws. Golden eyes. Apprentice: Starlingpaw

Crowfoot: brown tom with black paws.

Browneye: Brown tom with one brown eye and one white eye. Apprentice: Cinderpaw

Patchtail: White tom with a black and white tail.

Ripplespots: Black and oarnge tom with green eyes.

Flowerspring: White and ginger she-cat with stringy whiskers and blue eyes.

Breezefur: Gray tom with one white stripe going down his flank to the tip of his tail. Yellow eyes.


Hollycloud: Black and ginger she-cat with a very small tail and green eyes. Mother of: Kestrelkit, Amberkit, And Jaykit.

Snowsong: White shecat with green eyes mother of: Nightkit, Tigerkit, Lizardkit, And Mistykit.


Timberleg: Brown tom with a crushed leg. Golden eyes.

Berryfoot: Deaf tom with a unusual purple foot and blind eyes.

Rouges & Cats out side of Clans. ( Other Animals Also)

Fling: Brown tom with scars on his eyes. Rouge. Blazing yellow eyes.

Vole: White tom with Clan-Like Green eyes. Brother To Froststar. Brown eyes. Loner.

Millie: Gray she-cat with blazing green eyes. Rouge. Flings mate.

Mickey: Small White dog. Male and brown eyes.

Yogi: Small White puppy. Mickey's brother. Brown eyes.


Thanks! comment on your 'Faverite coloring of pelts or eye color of if you want to do any of the 5 or 2 tabbys XD You may do any cat... With my permission.

Sorry! I forgot to sign in when i made this page :\ Oh well ♪ ★Hollycloud♪ ★ 04:19, November 18, 2011 (UTC)

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