As the wind blows and the clouds are dark gray, a large group of cats are walking through the terrible weathe

"Jumpstar, we need to rest"a elderly gray tom with blood red eyes yowled

"Not now Rage-eyes"a black cat witk a gray muzzle yowled, his blue eyes blazing with fury

"Please Jumpstar, we need to stop"said a small toretishell she-cat with brown eyes, she had some scars on her

"No Naturepaw, we are almost there"he hissed

The cats were exhausted and hungry, they been traveling for days. Some were old, some were to young, and some were going to have kits. Jumpstar stopped, they were near a large forest, and he said this.

"Beastclan, our journey was long and hard, but now we are home"

They cheered and went to the forest, after few days, Beastclan was settled in.

"By the powers of Starclan, Naturepaw, Halfpaw, and Jadepaw, you shall be know as Naturevine, Halfmoon, and Jadefeather"Jumpstar meowed, everyone cheered and welcomed the new warriors.

Naturevine was peacefully sleeping near Halfmoon and her brother Racoontail, but a yowl rang through the clearing. She woke up and raced outside, the former deputy One was fighting Jumpstar, she growled and scartched One's muzzle, he yowled and attacked her, she hissed and clawed his underbelly, he jumped off her and yowled"THE CLAN SHALL BE MINE!!!"he ran away. She looked at Jumpstar, he was losing a life due to the gash on his neck, he stopped breathing and after a few heartbeats he opened his eyes. She got up and headed to the medicine cat den, Rage-eyes wrapped some herbs on her.

"you should be fine"he mewed

"thank you"Naturevine mewed padding away

"you ok Naturevine?"Halfmoon mewed, his half white and half black pelt was shining, his blue eyes were filled with worry.

"yes"she purred padding away to the warriors den

  • to be continued*

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