A tiny fanfic Feather worked up randomly in attempt to contribute a lil' bit. :3

"No, Thornblossom!" Screeched a large dappled gray tom, "I won't let you do this to yourself!"

In front of the tom, a dark tortiseshell clung onto the edge of a cliff, claws acrapping at stone, leaving harsh indents growing closer and closer to the drop off.

"N--no! I have to!" Thornblossom yowled weakly, churning her back legs feircley under her, sending droplets of blood through the air.

She was wounded.

"Don't give up...I can't lose you!" The tom edged as close as he could to the she-cat, in attempt to reach for her scruff and haul her up off of the cleft.

But he could feel the rock was un-stable, and with the two of them on edge, the rock would break away and both of the cats would be sent toward their doom.

"Grayleaf, stay back!" Thornblossom demanded with a loving fire that made Grayleaf step back un-hesitantly.

"I don't want to lose you, I love you." Grayleaf whispered, with a sob broken out in his mew.

"You won't lose me, I'm always here for you, I would never abandone you." Thornblossom fineshed just as her claws began to snap under all the streching weight she was holding with, creating pools of blood around her paws.

"Good-bye, love." Thornblossom fineshed, as her green eyes fixed of his blue ones, and the last of her claw ripped out, sending the she-cat falling backwards town the cliff.

Although as she was falling, Grayleaf peered over the edge to give his mate one last look.

And for the first, the tom realized a small buldge in his mates belly, and collapsed on the edge of the cliff, yowling and picturing what might have been. ~ </3

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