Laozi: Dark grey tom with bright green eyes, ancestor of Honor

Yun: pure white she-cat with kind blue eyes, ancestor of Love

Lin: light grey tabby she-cat with light amber eyes, ancestor of Loyalty

Hong: dark brown tabby tom with orange eyes, ancestor of Destiny

Zhang: Jet Black tom with strong blue-green eyes, ancestor of Strength

Family of MulanEdit

Li: Cream she cat with calm water blue eyes, mother of Mulan

Hareclaw: Brown and white tom with green eyes, father of Mulan

Priya: Old, grey and white she-cat with blue eyes, grandmother of Mulan and mother of Hareclaw

Mulan: Beautiful creamy pink, black, and white she-cat with brilliant dark green eyes


Tigerfur: Muscular dark brown tabby tom with emotional green eyes, captain of the army

Meekwhisker: Stuck-up, siamese-like tom with blue eyes.

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