Mulan: A She-Cat in A Tom's World

Author: Hazeleye
Status: Incomplete
Series: N/A
Allegiances: N/A
Succeeding: N/A
Spellcheckers: N/A
In the forest, she-cats were not viewed as worthy. They were supposed to be sweet, and pretty. Quiet and demure. A she-cat named Mulan is exactly the opposite. She's clumsy, loud, outspoken and a hot mess. War comes in the forest, and Mulan's father has to fight. Will Mulan save her father and the entire clan?


The spirits of 5 ancestors sat delicately in a row.

One of them stepped forward. "Welcome friends!" He said. The ancestor had dark fur and bright eyes. The next one, a she-cat, padded up as he walked back.

"Welcome to Ancient Bamboo Forest!" She was pure white with warm blue eyes. She nodded and the third ancestor stepped forward.

"Welcome to the story of Mulan!" This one was a light grey tabby she-cat.

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