Healer: Teller Of Pointed Stones (Stoneteller)


Echo that Sounds in Ears (Echo)- Gray She-cat with blue eyes, Talkitive and Stubborn

To-be, Song of Bird Rising

Rock that Lies on the Beach (Rock)-Gray tom with sharp amber eyes

Boulder that Falls from Mountain (Boulder)-Huge brown tom. He is stubborn and mean to to-bes

Fish that Swims through River (Fish)- Blue-gray she-cat. She is very cranky

To-Be, Shadow that Blocks Sun

Vine that Grows on Hill (Vine)- Young cream colored she-cat with short fur and yellow eyes. Very close to father, yet with as different personality and different beliefs as possible. Often quarrel with each other, but always still manage to play and fool around.

Vine That is Red- (Vine) he's a brownish-reddish colored tom and he's a cave guard even though he'd probably be better at being a prey-hunter.


Snow that Falls from Sky (Snow)-White she-cat with blue eyes, She is smart and loyal

To-Be, Thorn that Pricks Bears Paws

Petal that Floats in the Wind (Petal)-Pinkish she-cat with tabby stripes, Patient and calm

Sky With Few Clouds (Sky)-Bold, arrogant, and headstrong tom-Blue-grey fur with a few white patches

Willow that Trails in Waves (Willow)- A beautiful silver tabby with waterfall-blue eyes. Toms are most always head over paws for her, but she's a teeny bit stuck-up and refuses to believe any of them are her 'real mates'. She is a new, young prey-hunter and her specialty is leaping very high to catch birds.

To-Be, Hawk that Flies Above Mountain

Frost on Jagged Stone (Frost)- Senior prey-hunter gray tom with green eyes and large white patches of fur. Very quiet, outsidery. Mate died, loving father to his grown kit.

Grey Clouds of Rising Storm (Gray)- Gray she-cat with peircing yellow eyes, Friendly


Thorn that Pricks Bears Paw (Thorn)-Brown tom with shining green eyes

Shadow that Blocks the Sun (Shadow)- Jet black tom with a white chest

Song of Bird Rising (Song) - long-haired ginger she-cat. To-be in training to be a cave-guard. She is very arrogant, and she's tom-crazy

Hawk that Flies above Mountain (Hawk)- Dark brown tom with a bushy tail and green eyes. A new to-be, he is boisterous and loud, but is loved by his Tribemates for his witty personality.


Feather Falling through the Sky (Feather)-Light gray she-cat with soft green eyes

Kits, Sun that Shines at Dawn, Cloud of Endless Sky

Star that shines at night (Star)- Black she cat with gleaming blue eyes

Kit: Moon that Streaks through Dark


Rumble of Thunder (Rumble)-Dark gray tom with Yellow eyes

Moss that Clings to Bark- Old cranky elder who complains about everything, but is still a good cat. Black and white cat with pale yellow eyes.


Kanalu- Bald eagle

Aurora- Pure white wolf

Twist-Young sandy colored tom with soft Blue eyes, Sweet and smart

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