Moonstar is a Black she-cat with a moon mark on her forehead that is white


Moonkit was born a natral leader. Her sister and her look up to their leading father Birchstar. Moonkit was a calm but stubborn cat while her sister Sunkit it a engergetic faithful one.

When they became apprentices Moonpaw was a medicne apprentice and Sunit was a warrior apprentice. Moonkits mentor Spottedpool one day had a prophecy "When the sun rises the moon shall disapear but when the moon reappears the sun shall fall" . Spottedpool thought it was a referance to her own apprentice and when of age Moonpaw would become a warrior.

When Moonpaw became a warrior her warrior name was Moonlight with the light part as a reference to her own training as a medicine cat. Her sister on the other hand became sunclaw.

After acouple of moons Birchstar had to choose a new deputy one day the day before he had to choose his deputy a cat named Ashclaw who seeked power threatened to kill Birchstars two daughters unless he became deputy.

Birchstar loving his two daughters agreed once he chose his deputy Sunclaw burst out with anger because that cat who threatened has only filled out some of the requirements when she has done all of them.

Sunclaw took over Shadowclan and became Sunstar but she did not go to the moonpool. Moonlight went into hiding inside a cave big enough for a clan she made that cave into moonclan territory.

Later after she got her name and 9 lives Moonstar help the clan cats from the wrath of Sunstar her own sister.

When they had their final fight at the edge of thunderpath Moonstar pushed her sister in front of one of the roaring monsters. Greiving because of her sisters death she went back to her clan. Most of the cats stayed but some left to go back to their old clans and help restore them.

After many moons all the clans forgot completly about Moonclan.One day while Hawkclaw was walking along the lake he saw a figure on the island in the middle of the lake. He swam across to check who it was. He found Moonstar and acouple cats in her clan she asked him for help and he grasiosly accepted.

Wondering why the old she-cat needed help he was shown why before he even asked rouges attacked the camp and took over pretending to be Moonclan. While in a battle for the camp Moonstar died and before she joined Starclan she apointed Hawkclaw as deputy because of his loalty to this clan not to any other clan. Hawkstar got his name and 9 lives from ansestors of Moonclan Most he did not know of.

Hawkstar helped restore Moonclan and became leader of it protecting knowing that Moonstar would always help him.