Moonstar is a silver tabby with ice blue eyes and a scar on her front right ankle. She bears a resemblance to Feathermoon. (I just realized Feathermoon and Moonstar look alike..)


Moonkit was born a natral leader. Along with her unmentioned and forgotten sister Cloudfrost and her constant arguments and after awhile, seperation, Moonkit found love and starting looking up to a tom her age named Leafkit.

Soon after becoming apprentices, Moonpaw and Leafpaw secretly mated. They were happy together. But Cloudpaw never agreed.

Moonpaw's clear and obvious natral leadership became clear to the clan. A fine young, talented she-kit. Well groomed every day, swift, lean, quick, loyal and everything a clan could want was packed into the one young apprentice.

Although she seemed to have everything, including a murder for a sister, she had fears. Like having kits when she was only an apprentice, Leafpaw getting hurt, being chased out of her own nest by an attack...ect.

Later, Moonpaw bacame a fine warrior named Moonfrost along with Leafpaw, becomming Leafwhisker at the same ceremony.

Rainstar finally chose his deputy soon that after and decided Moonfrost would one day lead Nightclan. After being a loyal deputy for many moons, Moonfrost came to be Moonstar.

With her nine lives recived from: Dawncloud, Shadepelt, Yellowbirch, Cloudfrost, Leopardclaw, Rainstar, mistheart, Feathermoon and Night (Nightstar), Moonstar chose one of the youngest warirors in her clan to be deputy so it would meet up to how long Moonstar would live.

Blackheart was her name. Although her name was nothing compared to her soft loving and caring nature. She was feircley loyal. Blackheart had a long life but died in battle. Blueheart was next chosen. Moonstar sees Blueheart a powerful leader one day.

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