This page contains the Clan Allegiances made by Nightfern and Ottersplash
This page contains the allegiances for the Moonlight and Twilight series.
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Ripplepaw- dark tortoiseshell tom with bright orange eyes, son of Dappleleaf and Whitetail (apprentice).

Brackenheart- golden-brown tabby tom with amber eyes (warrior)

Jetkit- black she-kit (kit)

Shadekit- black tom (kit)

Graytail- molted gray she-cat with patchy fur and yellow eyes (elder)

Half-eye- dark brown tom with a single scarred, pink eye (elder)

Reedtail- pale brown tabby tom with barely visible darker stripes. (warrior)

Mosspelt- blue-gray and white she-cat with blue eyes (warrior).

Firefur- handsome flame-colored ginger tabby tom with dark green eyes (warrior).

Sandpool- pale ginger she-cat with pale green eyes (warrior).

Fernpelt- golden-brown she-cat with a white paw and sky blue eyes. Mate of Lionleaf (warrior).

Breezetail- lean black tom with grey paws and amber eyes (warrior)

Willowfern- pale grey, almost white she-cat with green eyes. Mate of Rainfur (queen).

Meadowkit- tortoiseshell and white she-kit with pale amber eyes and white paws. Daughter of Willowfern and Rainfur (kit).

Duskkit- handsome bracken-colored tom with amber eyes. Son of Willowfern and Rainfur (kit).

Whiteclaw- black tom with white claws and green eyes (warrior)

Dawnfrost- light brown tabby she-cat with a white underbelly and blue eyes. Played by Riverpelt (warrior).

Flamefoot- dark ginger tom with green eyes and orange paws. Played by Hollyfeather (warrior).

Featherpaw- light grey tom with a feathery coat and green eyes (medicine cat apprentice)

Rainfur- long haired white tom with grey spots and blue eyes. Mate of Willowfern (warrior).

Littlemoon- small brown tabby tom with white paws and water blue eyes (elder)

Specklewing- dappled pale ginger she-cat with orange eyes (elder)

Greenflower- old grey she-cat with brilliant green eyes (elder)

Stormfall- sturdy grey tom with amber eyes. Mate of Bluefrost (deputy).


Daisykit- long furred cream she-kit with blue eyes. Daughter of Cloverfur and Pebblepelt (kit).

Lichenfur- mottled brown she-cat with sleepy, blind pale blue eyes (elder)


Redeye- black tom with one amber eyes and one strange blood red eye (warrior)

Tiptail- dark brown tabby tom with the tip of his tail missing and amber eyes (warrior)


Lizardclaw- light brown tabby she-cat with glowing yellow eyes (warrior)

Raptorfang- red tom with sharp white teeth and green eyes (warrior)

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