OakClan is a swift, powerful, and smart clan that have very distinctive friendly personalities.

Leader: Spottedstar-Bengal tom with hazel eyes. FanClaned by Leopard

Deputy: Oddfoot-Handsome young gray tabby tom with four strangely twisted paws.

Apprentice: Flamepaw

Medicine Cat: Lionpelt-Golden tabby tom with blazing green eyes with tints of red.

Apprentice: Leopardpaw


Skysong-Ragged furred white she-cat with blazing amber eyes. FanClaned by Grace

Blazefur-Handsome blaze red tom with four black paws.

Ripplefang-Handsome brown tabby tom with black spots around his mouth.

Birdfeather-Pretty gray she-cat with blue-green eyes. FanClaned by Mooneh

Bluewing-Gorgeous russian blue she-cat with amber eyes. FanClaned by Feathermoon

Apprentice: Swiftpaw

Silverheart-Silvery gray she-cat with brilliant amber eyes. FanClaned by Mooneh

Russetheart-Handsome russet furred tom.

Frozenwing-Pretty white she-cat.


Leopardpaw-Beautiful golden-brown she-cat with black legs, ears, tail, and spots, has blue eyes, in love with Flamepaw. FanClaned by Mooneh

Flamepaw-Handsome ginger tabby tom with faint blue eyes, in love with Leopardpaw.

Swiftpaw-Cute black she-cat with fluffier paws.


Iceshine-Beautiful white tabby she-cat. FanClaned by Mooneh

Bramblesong-Beautiful golden furred she-cat.

Flowerstem-Gorgeous black and white she-cat with green eyes. FanClaned by Mooneh Mate: Bluemask (CedarClan)


Bramblesong's kits

Eaglekit-Adventurous black and white tom with moss green eyes

Redkit-Beautiful red tortoiseshell she-cat with amber eyes


Whiskermouth-Ragged tortoiseshell patched white tom with whiskers in his mouth

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