Mist Cats is a group of rogues who, when living, grew a great hatred towards the clans, then died and attacked the clans as spirits. They are the main antagonists of The New Clan series.

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The Mist Cats was founded and leaded by Moon. They were the spirits of rogues, who, since they have to afterlife, just float around as spirits. Moon gathered all the spirits of rogues who had hated the clans in life, and called them the Mist Cats, because they could not touch or be touched by anything, so they were just like mist in the air. Their one power was to possess living cats' bodies and use them to attack other cats. This is first shown in the prologue of Moon, when Moon controls Mousewhisker to kill Brambleclaw.

The Mist Cats spied ont he clans for many moons in the new Lake territories, and overheard Lionblaze, Jayfeather, and Dovewing talking about the Dark Forest. As a curiousity, Moon went to the Dark Forest and was caught by Tigerclaw. He offered to join the Dark Forest, and did, but when the time ofr the Battle of the Stars came, he fled, and Tigerclaw regaurded him as a coward.

But the real reason the Mist Cats left was because they had planned on killing off the clans while they were still weak from the Battle of the Stars, and activated their plan in Moon, the first book of The New Clan series.


Moon (Leader)

Sun (Grunt)

Star (Grunt)

Sky (Grunt)

Day (Grunt)

Night (Grunt)


  • "The New Clan" refers to how the Mist Cats think of themselves as a clan.
  • There is a pattern to the names of the members, they are all aspects of the sky.

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