Magic in the Mist

Author: Hazel
Status: Continued! (I forgot about it)
Series: I just need to think of a name...
Preceding: None
Spellcheckers: None
When the most evil and fearsome leader of the wizard world, Deathstar, kills a kit's parents, something odd happens after that. He is unable to kill young Harrykit, and gets destroyed in trying to do so. Yet, all Harrykit was left with was a lightning shaped scar...It's some time since then, and Harrypaw is just a normal underfed kittypet. Could he be more than that? He may just be destined to change history...


The cats whom raised the most famous hero of all time were as normal as normal could be. The tom, Vernon, was a fat, dusky brown tabby tom who had always spent time pontificating to another prototypical aristocratic housecat. His mate, Petunia, was the same, only skinny and had a rather long face. She was a pale ginger with amber eyes that had no special twinkle to them whatsoever.

However, on this day, the day that changed these two cats' lives forever, wasn't the average afternoon Vernon had experienced. When he walked around the neatly paved streets of Privet Drive, onto the hustle and bustle of the city, there were odd cats everywhere. They seemed far too over delighted. They were odd looking and talked about strange topics. He could have sworn he heard someone mention something about Kwidditch. What the bloody hell was that?

It wasn't only their conversation that made them a bit off. They were all brightly dressed, in odd attire that no normal cat wore. Some were in full out costumes. Of course, it was Halloween. However, it was still weird. The same applied when he got back from his day. They were still there, still drinking and cheering.

Near their house, Petunia looked outside the window, her plain amber eyes showing shock. More than a dozen owls of all shapes and sizes were outside on her yard. A female twoleg was standing outside, she had dark, somewhat graying hair, spectacles, and a serious expression on her face. She stood, looking at the twoleg with great suspicion. Then, she turned into a silver tabby she-cat, with the same odd spectacle markings.

The entire world of these strange cats was celebrating for a great event. They could all come out of their fear. None but a very select few knew that there was a depressing fact behind all of the revelry.

"Have you heard the news?" A silver tabby she-cat asked.

The graying tom nodded. "I'm afraid so, Professor McGonagall..."

"Do you know when Hagrid will be here?" McGonagall asked. All of a sudden, a large tom with dark brown matted fur came in on a flying monster.

"Hagrid, you're here. Did you bring the kit?" The white tom asked.

"Yes, Headmaster Dumbledorestar." Hagrid nodded, in his enormous paws he held a tiny kit with jet-black fur and bright green eyes. On his forehead, was a snow-white lightning mark.

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