Madness: Not an Ordinary Clan

Author: Leopardclaw
Status: Started
Allegiances: None yet
Preceding: None
Succeeding: Madness: Reactivity
Spellcheckers: None
ElementClan. As far from normal as you can get. Flying cats? Semi-transparant cats? Cats who are allergic to, well, everything?

ElementClan has it all.


"Hydrogen! Hydrogen!" The leader was lazing on his back, floating a tail-length in the air.

"Helium, what is it? I'm busy sleeping, can't you see?" Helium sighed.

"But Sodium reacted again! At least send one of you there?" Hydrogen took his turn to sigh.

"Fine. You know, you cats are lucky that hydrogen comes as H2 in the wild." Hydrgen flicked his tail, two tails, and suddenly, a squeaky pop noise sounded, and there two of Hydrogen floating. "So, what did you want?" the Hydrogens asked in perfect harmony.

Helium hiccuped, and floated a mouse length into the air. "Follow me."

Chapter 1Edit

"Neon? Sodium exploded again." Hydrogen and Helium hovered in the medicine den entrance.

"Oh, not again! One... second..." Neon grabbed some leaves, and started flashing as she ran and floated to the Super Reactive den, Hydrogen and Helium following closely. As they approached, little hiccups could be heard. Neon shook herself, stopped flashing and floating, and cautiously went in. "Did you try swimming again?"

Sodium stared wide eyed, unblinking - or maybe she couldn't blink - her fur puffed up. "No.... The roof's leaking. Again. Lithium and Potassium are out... Hunting..." Hydrogen sighed, and wandered off. Helium floated through the cave wall.

"Here... Eat these. I'll get Gold, or Copper, or someone to fix it." Someone non-reactive...

Neon half floated, half trotted out the den, and saw Oxygen split into two, and merge back again to show off to two new elements, Ununoctium and Ununseptium. She saw Bromine leave damp pawprints, before morphing into her liquid state, sliding between Copper and Iron, who were arguing over who was the least reactive. She noticed Gold and Silver sparkling, and Carbon shift from his coal like colour to his dazzling diamond coat.

Magnisium nervously ran in front of the medicine cat, and she leapt out the way to avoid him. Then she noticed why he was running away nervously.

"Magnisium! Come back! Your tail is reacting!"

Chapter 2Edit

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