Luck N' Gold

Author: Hazel and Gloweh
Status: Started
Series: None
Allegiances: I'll make some
Preceding: None
Succeeding: Why would it have a sequel?
Spellcheckers: None
Freeshadow is a bad omen. A black cat in a superstitious forest. I mean it wouldn't be so bad if terrible things didn't happen around her. When she runs into a Golden One she may have a chance to get rid of her rotten streak.


In the four clans of Ireland Forest, luck was the main priority. They were also superstitious and black cats meant bad luck. So most of the cats were a ginger, or lithe brown. If you were golden you were sacred and had special powers.

In CloverClan, they exiled all of the black cats. In WishClan, they did the same. The ruthless TrickClan killed all cats with even a splotch of black on their pelt. But RainbowClan was kinder and kept them. Then again they never had a black cat in their clan... Until now...

Chapter 1Edit

Freekit opened her red-orange eyes and yawned. She shook a leaf off of her scraggly jet-black pelt. She looked at her mother, Vixenheart, and stood puzzled. "Mother, why am I called Freekit and not Blackkit?"

Vixenheart seemed scared at this question. "Well... No one can know we have a bad omen in our clan..."

That's all they ever called her. "A Bad Omen" they'd say, no one daring to lay an eye on her. Sometimes she wondered if the other cats in the clan even knew her name. She looked at her brother, Lionkit. He was golden, therefore would be leaving soon to go to GoldClan. She glanced over at a sleeping Eaglekit and poked him with her paw.

"Hey, Eaglekit wanna play?" She asked. Her mother saw and let out a shriek then a furious hiss. "Don't you dare touch him!! Do you want to curse him!"

Freekit flinched back at the dark ginger queen's harshness. Of course she was used to this kind of behavior from everyone. She looked at her brown tabby littermate as his flanks slowly rose and fall, slower and slower, until it stopped. She heard the yowl of grief from Vixenheart and the murmers of sympathy from the other queens.

"He's dead!" Her mother wailed, nuzzling in her dead son's cold fur. "Eaglekit!" She turned to Freekit, her amber eyes flaming with anger.

"You!" She spat. "It's your fault he's dead! I told you to stay away from him!"

That was only the beginning...

Chapter 2Edit

"Freepaw, your new mentor shall be Fawnpelt." Lightstar's deep voice echoed. "Fawnstep, I trust you'll teach this all of the ways of a warrior."

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