Lost in the Night Series

Author: Dazzle
Number of Books: 5
Books: The Lunar Eclipse, The Fire of Twilight, The Dawn Horizon
Series Status: Working
Story Spellcheckers: None
Dazzle's life is one of the most important since the Three by the lake. But will she choose a life for the good of the Tribe...or her solitary life as a loner as she progresses? Join this mysterious loner as she ventures through a life of discoveries, grievances, mistrust, and journeys.

The Lunar Eclipse ~ Dazzle, taking her first glance at the world, has felt something out-of-place, something rather extraordinary. As she embarks on her life's journey, she begins to discover things--things she would never know had she been ordinary--both about the world, and herself.

The Fire of Twilight ~ Ever since an "unfortunate" encounter with the strange Tribe cat Shadow, Dazzle has felt the strangest unease rising inside of herself. Now, she has reached an important decision, possibly the most important of her life...and one that could either save the Tribe, or bring total destruction at last.

The Dawn Horizon ~ With the Tribe's fate resting entirely on her shoulders, Dazzle attempts to bring them to their best. However, with too many mysteries going on, how will she ever find the one behind all this...or stop the endless flow of mistrust and lies? As the dawn of the Tribe of Rushing Water's doom nears, Dazzle must finally face what has been shunned for too long--and risk everything she's been fighting for since the very beginning.

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