MistClan (formerly) AshClan (current)


Kit: Longkit

Apprentice: Longpaw

Warrior: Longwhisker




Mother - Dapplefur

Father - Snowheart


Burning Scarlet Series

Longwhisker is a handsome, thin, muscular silver tom with dark gray flecks and ice blue eyes. He is a warrior of AshClan

History Edit

The Spark Edit

Longwhisker's role in this story is very minor. He is first seen alongside Stormfang, taunting Icewing after she receives her warrior name. When NightClan attacks the territory, Longwhisker and Icewing are to guard the barrier together. Longwhisker once again taunts Icewing, and she gets angry at him, threatening to shred him. They are interrupted, however, when NightClan warriors reach the barrier. Later, during the battle, Icewing sees a dark tortoiseshell warrior running away from him. He is not seen after this.

The Ember Edit

In this story, Longwhisker becomes a more major character.

More coming soon...

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