LightningClan: Series 1 Book 1

Author: Splashcloud
Status: Being Written
Series: N/A
Allegiances: N/A
Preceding: N/A
Succeeding: N/A
Spellcheckers: N/A
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Stickstar: Light brown tabby tom with yellow eyes.


Greenpaw: White she-cat with black spots and green-eyes.


Hollowstream: Light gray tabby she-cat with blue-eyes.

Medicine Cat:

Flowersplash: Silver she-cat with amber-eyes.


Littlepaw: Brown tom with black spots and green-eyes.


Grassstorm: Tawny-colored tom with green-eyes.

Brightdawn: Golden she-cat with a white belly and amber-eyes.

Pebbleleap: Black tom with a gray and white belly with green-eyes.


Swiftfire: Small ginger she-cat with blue-eyes. Mother of Shellkit (Small light gray tabby she-cat with a white belly), Shadekit (Smoky gray she-cat), and Leopardkit (Light brown tom with black spots).


Brownspots: White she-cat with brown spots and green-eyes.


A silver she-cat padded through a starry forest. Her paw steps were certain as she entered a medium sized cave. Passing under the stalagmites, she entered a large cavern. In the cavern

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