Life in NightClan (fanfic)

Author: Feathermoon and Rainwillow
Status: Being written (Not often)
Series: None yet
Allegiances: None yet
Preceding: None yet
Succeeding: none
Spellcheckers: We spellcheck each other
A fanfiction by Rainey and Feathery. Take an inside look at NightClan!

Prologue Edit

"Who's there?" asked a small she-cat.

She looked at the newcomers and relaxed.

"Greetings," she said politely, dipping her head. "Welcome to CloudClan, the place where NightClan cats come when they die."

One of the newcomers, a ginger cat, tipped her head. "CloudClan? I thought it was StarClan."

"That's a long story," growled another she-cat voice.

The ginger cat spun around.

Out of the thick white clouds, a beautiful silver tabby padded out.

"W-who are you?" asked the ginger cat, her green eyes wide.

"Feathermoon," said the silver tabby. "Welcome to CloudClan."

The small white she-cat walked over to Feathermoon. "I'm Night, the founder of NightClan."

"Wait what?" asked a dark brown tabby. "I'm confused...I thought there was only four clans and that those dead cats went to a place called StarClan."

Feathermoon and Night exchanged a look. Then they turned back to the newcomers.

"Well, then, come and sit down you three. It's time we started to intruduce you to CloudClan and NightClan."

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