This page contains the Clan Allegiances made by Leopardclaw
This page contains the allegiances for the Mysteries of MoonClan series.
Responses, comments, and requests to FanClan a character should be in the comments section.

Roleplay up to 3 cats!



Ashstar - Dusty brown tom with green eyes (Roleplayed by Ravenflight)


Whitebark - Light grey she-cat with blue-green eyes (Roleplayed by Leopard)

Medicine CatEdit

Applefern - Brown tabby she-cat with amber eyes (Roleplayed by Shadewhisker)


Jaybriar - Grey-brown tabby tom with green eyes (Roleplayed by Leopardclaw)

Willowdawn - Pretty light grey tabby she-cat with blue eyes (Roleplayed by Millie)

Silverlog - Silver tabby she-cat with brown legs and green eyes (Roleplayed by)

Eagleclaw - Brown tabby tom (Roleplayed by)

Timberfall - Dark brown tabby tom with lighter brown legs (Roleplayed by)

Cedarflight - Light brown tabby tom with golden eyes (Roleplayed by)

Beechpetal - Sand brown tabby she-cat with green eyes (Roleplayed by)

Mossylog - Brown tabby she-cat with green eyes (Roleplayed by)

Crowstep - Dark grey tom with blue eyes (Roleplayed by )


Grasspaw - Light brown she-cat (Roleplayed by Vixy)


Crookedwillow - Light brown tabby with amber eyes (Roleplayed by)

Willowdawn - (Roleplayed by Millie), Kits: Wildkit (Roleplayed by Rainey, Dawnkit (Roleplayed by Splashcloud) and Squirrelkit (Roleplayed by Leopardclaw)


Specklemouth - Tortoishell she-cat with green eyes (Roleplayed by)

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