This page contains the Clan Allegiances made by Leopardclaw
This page contains the allegiances for the Way it is series.
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The Dusk One - Description unknown

Second in CommandEdit

Dusk(star) - Black tom with thin scars on his face and tail


Ash - Grey tom with scars lacing his body

Shadow - Grey tabby tom with swirly black markings

Raven - Muscular, dark grey she-cat with amber eyes


Pine - Light dappled tom

Stone - Grey mottled tom with brown eyes

Ice - White she-cat with light grey tabby patches

Talon - Beige tom with green eyes

Eagle - Brown tabby tom with black markings


Spark - Light gold she-cat with bright yellow eyes

Ink - Black she-cat with grey eyes

Fire - Ginger tabby she-cat

Bronze - Bronze brown she-cat with brown

Hawk - Brown tabby tom with grey eyes


Spike - Pale gold she-cat with amber eyes

Branch - Brown tom with grey eyes

Lithium - Dark tortie with odd eyes

Zinc - Silver tabby she cat with black and grey markings

Burn - Light ginger she-cat

Blood - Deep ginger tom with grey eyes

Shark - Tortie with light gold patches and blue eyes

Dragon - Red brown tom with amber eyes

Copper - Copper coloured tom with blue eyes

Cats in TrainingEdit

Iron - Gold she-cat with ginger patches

Slash - Ginger she-cat with green eyes

Tear - Ginger tom with amber eyes

Lightning - White-yellow tom with electric blue eyes


Dawnstar - Pretty light grey tabby, golden eyes. (RPed by Leopardclaw

Silverclaw - Silver tabby tom with abnormally long claws.

Firesky - Ginger tom with a golden "eyepatch"

Emberdawn - Orange gold she-cat with amber eyes

Morningpaw - Silver she-cat with blue eyes (RPed by Loudsplash

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