Author: Ravenflight
Status: unfinished
Series: none yet
Allegiances: none
Preceding: none yet
Succeeding: none yet
Spellcheckers: unknown
Koneko parents died in a forest fire the week after she was born. Everyone blames her cousin Jinsoku for this crime. Koneko must prove that Jinsoku is inocent. Even if that means capturing the real criminal.

Before you read...Edit

Please not that this series plot was made by me and my friend Wolfsong! We know each other in real life and came up with plot that we think is really good! I hope you enjoy!


Jinsoku smiled at the newborn kit. His mother's sister just had kits last week, sadly, two out of the three were born dead.

Kuro, the kit's mother, didn't think the remaining kit would make it this far, but she did.

The kit mewled.

Kuro nudged her closer to her belly, "Eat Koneko," she whispered in the kit's ear, "Eat and become strong."

Jinsoku sighed, happy to see that the remaining kit would live, "Cute..." he whispered, then grew serious, "So how is Kaze doing?"

"Oh, he's still in shock from having his claws taken out," replied Kuro, "He's gonna have to get used to having no claws from now on."

Jinsoku hissed quietly, trying not to wake the kit, who had fell asleep, "Stupid humans! They think they do whatever they want and we won't care!"

"I agree. If they did anything to my kit they would face the end of their days!" Kuro gently stroked Koneko's back with her tail, "I would be haertbroken if Koneko died because of the humans! She was the only survivor of my first litter!"

Jinsoku licked the top of Koneko's head and turned around, "I have to go to the dirt place, I'll be back soon."

"Okay Jinsoku, hurry back!" Kuro called as he walked away.

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