Author: Lemonade
Status: Just Began (Not to be edited much until after Christmas due to my story A Christams Miracle)
Series: The Rush
Allegiances: Invisible Allegiances
Preceding: None
Succeeding: Elevate
Spellcheckers: None Yet
This story is about a she-cat and tom named Shiverwing and Rainclaw. Shiverwing and Rainclaw are two medicine cats who become invisible once their clans find out they are mates, could they ever gain their clans trust again? But then their apprentices Daisypaw and Hailpaw come in. But could they do any better?

Chapter 1Edit

Shiverwing padded into her den, her apprentice Daisypaw following.

"So what are you going to teach me today?"

She sighed, "Actually, I need you to do a regular apprentices job today. I have to go somewhere."

"The Flecked Pool?"

"No. Er...nevermind."

Daisypaw sighed, "Oh come now, Shiverwing. I know as well as the next cat that you're going to GrassClan, am I right?"

"Er, yes."

"To see Rainclaw, I suppose."

She nodded, "Please don't tell anyone, I can't have anyone else find out about Rainclaw and I."

"Well, obviously. It's not as if I have a bark like a dog. And anyway, it wouldn't be as if frogs were going to fall out of the sky and hop on us." Daisypaw closed her eyes and opened them again, "After all, that isn't possible." Her cream and brown patched fur was standing on end.

"Thank you, Daisypaw. I'll see you tonight." She ran off.

Oh StarClan, why can't I stay away from Rainclaw? Why can't I get the strength to run away from him?

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