Smilestar: white speckled she-cat with an upbeat personality


Willowfang: Light gray, almost white, she-cat with Blue-Green eyes, former kittypet

Apprentice: Penguinpaw

Medicine Cat

Sourherb: Reddish-Brown tom with a bitter scent

Apprentice: Hazelpaw


Eagleclaw: Dark brown tabby tom with green eyes

Apprentice: Quailpaw

Ravenpelt: Sleek, black tom with a white-tipped tail

Apprentice: Bonepaw

Feathershade: Dark gray, almost black, she-cat with deep blue eyes

Pepperfang: Dark ginger tom with long fangs

Apprentice: Firepaw

Larkflight:slender dark gray she-cat with white paws and blue eyes.

Apprentice: Hawkpaw

Splotchyear: Young, white she-cat with ginger splotches

Frostspeck: Small, white speckled tom

Apprentice: Smokepaw

Bluefur: Blue-Gray tom

Apprentice: Silverpaw

Grayeyes: Gray tabby tom with eyes the exact same color

Pineclaw: Light gray tom with short thick black stripes, former rogue

Apprentice: Pandapaw

Tigermat: Dark brown tabby tom with thick clumps of fur

Dappleheart: Beautiful, dappled tortoiseshell with emerald green eyes


Hazelpaw:Undersized, Long-haired ginger calico with unique hazel eyes, former kittypet

Silverpaw: Long-Haired silver she-cat with pretty blue eyes, former kittypet

Firepaw: Bright ginger tom

Smokepaw: Gray tabby tom, former kittypet

Penguinpaw: Black she-cat with a white underbelly and a long golden muzzle

Bonepaw: Large bone colored tom

Pandapaw: Black and white she-cat


Blaze of Forest Fire (Blaze): Flame colored she-cat with a golden tail, formerly of Tribe of Tumbling Stones Mother of Tigermat's kits: Applekit (dark ginger, bright green eyes) and Woodkit (brown swirled)

Littlerose: Very small, Dark cream she-cat, Expecting Frostspeck's kits

Aquawink; Black she-cat with a gossy coat and aqua eyes, mother of Bluefur's kits: Blackkit(all black tom with almost white eyes), Splashkit (white and blue-gray she-cat), and Bluekit (long-haired blue-gray tom)

Mistyglance: Blue-gray she-cat with clouded blue eyes, the oldest nursery queen


Baldfur: bald tom

Patchfur: multi-colored spotted she-cat

Dapplecoat: Once-pretty tortoiseshell with a glossy, dappled coat



Mistystar: Blue-Gray she-cat


Oakfrost: Red-Brown tabby tom

Medicine Cat

Mudpelt:long haired, light brown tom with a pale belly.



Onestar: :Lithe brown tabby tom



Blackstar: Large white tom with jet black paws


Rowanclaw: ginger tom

Medicine Cat

Snnezevoice: Gray and white tom


Clawface: Battle-scarred dark gray tom

Apprentice: Badgerpaw

Volefur: Dark brown tabby tom

Apprentice: Littlepaw

Sharpfang: black tom with pointed fang

Apprentice; Wetpaw


Ashpelt: Thin gray tom



Firestar: Handsome ginger tom


Cinderheart: Pretty gray tabby she-cat with blue eyes

Medicine Cat

Jayfeather: light Gray mottled tabby tom with brilliant pale blue eyes


Lionblaze:Golden tom with thick fur around his neck like a lion's mane

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