I Need You~ NightXBerry Tribute

Author: Feather
Status: Under Construction
Series: None
Allegiances: None
Preceding: None
Succeeding: Un-decided
Spellcheckers: None.
A short story where Berryblaze paces back through her memory, telling and showing how she felt and what she went through when her mentor Nightthunder died.

Note: Not as in, "I need you~ You were my love." But as in, "I need you~ We were so close and now you're gone." :3

When it all started

"Nightthunder?" Berryblaze leaned over the dirty padded moss nest, squinting her eyes through the nighttime shadows, attempting to allow her semi-night vision to give her a clear enough veiw of her mentor.

Shutting her eyes tight, in her last deperate idea to visually see the old cat who appeared to be growing sick, she quinted them tighter, and sat back from the nest, letting due time in the darkness of her own eyelids help adjust to the outer worlds deep shadows.

Finally, snapping them open-- she wished she hadn't

There, before the young medicine cat apprentice, lay her mentor.

His fur ten times messier than it had been, dirtier too.

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