Hurricanestar ~ large, sleek dark brown tom with leaf green eyes.

Appearances Edit

Darkening CloudsEdit

Chapter 2 ~ He is seen in camp, talking to Spiderwillow and Falconcatcher. He wonders about the storm that is coming. He and Spiderwillow are revealed to be mates. He watches spiderwillow leave before he wondered about the upcoming storm.

Status: Alive
Current: HurricaneClan
Past: RiverClan,Loner
Kit: Hurricanekit
Apprentice: Hurricanepaw
Warrior: Hurricanetail
Loner: Hurricanetail
Leader: Hurricanestar
Mate: Spiderwillow
Mother: Heatherwish
Father: Nightsword
Brother: Redstorm
Sister: Sunstar
Living: Darkening Clouds
Role-Play Information
Roleplayed By: Avalanchestrike

Chapter 5 ~ He is seen at camp entrance, waiting for Spiderwillow when another warrior, Dragonflight comes and tells him to rest. While asleep, Hurricanestar sees hie old leader, Cloudstar and Cloudstar tells him that he needs to prepare for the storm and leaves. Hurricanestar wakes up to see Dragonflight in front of him that Sandstormstar needs to talk to him. He goes there and Snadstormstar tells him to join his clan. He refused, but finds out that Sandstormstar is holding Spiderwillow hostage.

Chapter 8 ~ He manages to rescue Spiderwillow, but finds out that one of his warriors, Swampheart is in love with Dashingcomet, a SandstormClan warrior.

Chapter 11 ~ He was about to fall asleep when the storm arrives. He rescues Mosskit, one of Dreamcloud's kits, but loses one of his nine lives. When he regains consciousness, he finds out that the storm has arrived from Spiderwillow.

The StormEdit

Chapter 2 ~ Coming Soon

Power Edit

Since he is one of the leaders of the Natural Disaster Clans, he was born in a hurricane and has the power of Hurricane Tracker (He can track hurricanes before they run anyone and chase it away) (He can pass that power to deputies when they become leaders). He owns one of the extra powers give to himself, Blizzardstar, and Tornadostar, Empathy (the ability to read or sense the emotions).

Trivia Edit

  • It's revealed that Spiderwillow is his mate.

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