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"Have you thought about names yet?" Olivespots asked Sparklefur. "Yes, I've thought about Aquakit and Hollykit for the she-kits, and Crowkit for the tom." "Beautiful! Oh...I want my kits to come." Olivespots sighed sadly. "Have you be thinking about names?" Sparklefur asked, curious. Her beautiful grey head tipped to one side, dappled with white. "Oh... for a she-cat Duskkit or Minnowkit, I think. And for a tom, Wolfkit." Olivespots replied. "But I suppose it depends of their pelt color..." she added. Her swollen belly was round with her expecting kits. "Good names!" exclaimed Sparklefur.



One of the apprentices, Smokepaw, walked in the nursey with a huge water vole in her mouth. "I did catch prey! Is this enough for you?" the apprentice asked happily, amber eyes twinkling. Her dark grey coat was fluffed up with excitement. "Thanks, Smokepaw! Go visit the elders, I think they want food too." Olivespots said. "Okay, Olivespots!" the apprentice answered and trotted out of the nursery.

Hollykit, waking up from her nest near their mother Sparklefur, yawned and opened her blue eyes. Wow... was this the nursery? With closed eyes, the nursery looked small and cozy, but it was pretty big. Hollykit scrambled to her paws and gently licked her silver dappled tabby pelt. She then poked Aquakit and Crowkit. "Open your eyes! There's so much to see here!" Aquakit woke and opened her green eyes too, her blue-grey pelt sticking out. She looked at her sister crossly. Crowkit was yawning, his little pink tongue sticking out, but his dark amber eyes were partly open. He was a little reddish-brown tom. "Come on!" Hollykit yowled. "Let's explore the camp!" "Don't be long!" called Sparklefur as they stretched, ready to explore.