Heathernose is a muscular brown tabby tom with light green eyes.

Warning: this page may contain spoilers for The Rowanfall Tale series.

Heathernose is a major character in The Rowanfall Tale series. He becomes Rowanfall's secret mate after she becomes a medicine cat, but they part ways when Rowanfall is called away by StarClan.


Rowanfall's Journey StartsEdit

Heatherkit is one of Rowankit's friends int he beginning, along with his sister, Featherkit, and all five apprentices, Milkpaw, Larkpaw, Acornpaw, Rosepaw, and Dawnpaw. He is usually at Rowankit's side, and has always thought of himself as her outmost best friend, although Rowankit claims her best friend was Acornpaw.

Heatherkit started showing affection in a different way than friendship when the two were apprentices and he showed that he knew her well (he knew that she wanted to go for a walk instead of hunting), and seemed very upset when she asked Berryblossom if she could be her apprentice.

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