GraystripexSilverstream ~ I Miss You

Author: Rowanfall
Status: Finished
Original Artist: Blink 182
Original Song: I Miss You
Speaking code: None
This is about Graystripe missing Silverstream after she died. Of course, the song is about two people breaking up, not someone dying, but close enough. XD

(I miss you, I miss you) Hello there, the angel from my nightmare

The shadow in the background of the morgue

The unsuspecting victim of darkness in the valley

We can live like Jack and Sally if we want

Where you can always find me

We'll have Halloween on Christmas

And in the night we'll wish this never ends

We'll wish this never ends

Graystripe falls into the river and Silverstream saves him. He looks into her eyes and falls in love with her. He comes back to meet her, and it is clear they are in love with each other.

(I miss you, I miss you)

(I miss you, I miss you)

Graystripe looks up at the stars and sees Silverstream's face looking down on him.

Where are you? and I'm so sorry

I cannot sleep I cannot dream tonight

I need somebody and always

This sick strange darkness

Comes creeping on so haunting every time

And as I stared I counted

Webs from all the spiders Catching things and eating their insides

Like indecision to call you and hear your voice of treason

Will you come home and stop this pain tonight? Stop this pain tonight

Graystripe is restless in his nest, so he sneaks out to see Silverstream. They meet each other, but Fireheart comes. Graystripe hisses at Fireheart to stay out of it, and they depart.

Don't waste your time on me you're already The voice inside my head (I miss you, I miss you)

Don't waste your time on me you're already The voice inside my head (I miss you, I miss you) [x3]

1: Graystripe and Silverstream meet each other many times, always happy.

2: Silverstream comes to meet Graystripe, but she falls and starts yowling i pain.

3:Fireheart, Cinderpaw and Tigerclaw come. Cinderpaw takes the kits and sets them aside for Fireheart and Tigerclaw to lick, but doesn't save Silverstream.

(I miss you, I miss you) [x4]

Graystripe sits by Silverstream's grave and staresat the stares, saying, "I miss you." over and over again, hoping his former mate would hear.

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