Status: Medicine Cat
Current: RainClan
Past: None
Kit: Goosekit
Medicine Cat Apprentice: Goosepaw
Medicine Cat: Gooseflight
Mother: Unknown
Father: Unknown
Sister(s) None
Brother(s): None
Living: Creepy World of Darkness, Blinded By Love
Dead: None
FanClan Information
FanClaned By: None

Gooseflight is a handsome,small, white and brown tom with blue eyes


You could say I am a devoted medicine cat that is calm and gentle, but I wasn't always like that. I was a very troublesome kit and my mother would always scold me. I fought a lot and my father thought I would make an excellent warrior. One day, when I was out of camp, I tripped over a pile of rocks and sprained my paw. I was taken to Eartuft, the medicine cat. She fixed me right up but I had to stay in the medicine cats' den for a couple of days. While I was there, I observed how Eartuft worked and how she could coop under pressured conditions. I was fascinated and I instantly knew what I wanted to be. A medicine cat. The day of my apprentice ceremony, I was given to Eartuft and we both formed a strong mentor and apprentice bond. Moons later, after I was given my medicine cat name, Gooseflight, Eartuft died and was RainClan's only medicine cat. Silverkit was born and her father died. She immediatly showed interest in my work and I thought of taking her on as an apprentice. She agreed and mecame a medicine cat apprentice. Her mother died shortly after and neither she nor I could save Willowcreek from her snake bite. The next day, Silverpaw told me she wanted to become a warrior apprentice. I sensed something was wrong and I asked her about it, but she never told me. She was appointed to Cloudstep as a warrior apprentice. Silverpaw was a good apprentice to me, but, I couldn't force her to stay. I continue my duty as medicine cat with a new apprentice, Squirrelpaw.

Creepy World of DarknessEdit

He is mentioned when he asks to accompany Silversong and Ivysoul to the DawnClan camp as he needs a few more herbs and wishes to ask Poppysky of DawnClan for some.

Blinded By LoveEdit

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