Free as a Bird

Author: Hazel
Status: Just Started
Series: Silversnow and Hawktail series
Allegiances: None
Succeeding: None
Spellcheckers: None
Well, since people were always complaining at how fast Silver and Hawk's relationship was, I decided to make this story... Enjoy!

Prologue: SilversnowEdit

Four cute little kits squirmed at my belly. They were mine and Hawkstar's. Well I guess you know the story by now, Hawkstar and I fell into a forbidden love, and I eventually came to TreeClan after my father's death. We're a perfect couple and everyone thinks it was love at first sight, right? Wrong. Our relationship wasn't always love and roses, but quite spiteful.

"Tell us the story, mom!" Blossomkit begged.

"Okay," I purred, licking my daughter's head. "Here it goes."

Chapter 1: SilversnowEdit

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