This is where I'll keep my allegiances for Oliver updated. No RPing, please... also, do you like my cool template? xD

Leader: Ruststar- ginger tabby tom with a scar on his flank
Deputy: Whisptail- white she-cat with gray whisps of fur all over her
Medicine Cat: Leaftooth- tortoiseshell tom
Apprentice, Snowpaw
Warriors: Tallfoot- ginger tabby tom with big, white feet

Fernwhisker- gray she-cat with bright green eyes
Apprentice, Darkpaw

Heavyfoot- dark brown tom, rather large and muscular
Apprentice, Patchpaw

Dustfoot- white tom with brown feet
Apprentice, Beetlepaw

Whitetail- white she-cat

Oaktail- dark brown tabby tom
Apprentice, Stormpaw

Graypelt- long-furred gray tom

Yellowtooth- light brown tom with disgusting yellow teeth

Thornpelt- black tom with spiky fur

Birdclaw- white and gray she cat

Bluepelt- bluish gray she-cat
Apprentice, Waterpaw

Apprentices: Snowpaw- white she-cat

Darkpaw- dark brown tabby tom

Beetlepaw- gray tom

Stormpaw- dark gray tabby tom

Waterpaw- blue-gray she-cat

Patchpaw- black tom with a white chest and paws

Queens: Breezefur- gray she-cat (Mate: Dustfoot)

Tanglepelt- white she-cat with tangled fur (Mate: Tallfoot)
Kits, Applekit (reddish tom) and Mousekit (brown and white calico tom)
Elders: Cloudeye- ginger she-cat, blind

Rockfoot- gray tom with a crushed foot

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