This page contains the Clan Allegiances made by Firefur
This page contains the allegiances for the unnamed series.
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Leader: Breezestar: Huge light brown tom with white spots and green eyes.

Deputy: Thistlehawk: Half dark brown and half white tom with amber eyes.

Medicine cat: Wildheart: Beautiful gray and white she-cat with yellow eyes.


Whitenose: Pure white she-cat with gray eyes.

Brokenshadow: Pure black tom with green eyes.

Ashstorm: Gray tabby tom with orange eyes.

Blossomtail: Pretty short-furred she-cat with a red-brown pelt and tabby tail and yellow eyes. FanClaned by: Firefur

Blackfeather: black and white she-cat with blue eyes.

Apprentices: -

Eaglepaw: Dark brown tom with a white head, appears to resemble an eagle. Golden eyes.

Zebrapaw: Black and white tabby she-cat with bright green eyes.

Queens: (She-cats)

Lizardfur: Orange she-cat with yellow eyes.| mate: Brokenshadow

Stormblossom: Beautiful, short-furred dark gray she-cat with crystal blue eyes. former name: Storm| mate: Thistlehawk. FanClaned by: Feathermoon


Rushtail: Pale tabby tom with pale blue eyes.

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