Fences- A tribute to Aster

Author: Ravenflight
Status: Unfinished
Original Artist: Paramore
Original Song: Fences

Speaking code:

Normal Text- Lyrics

Bold- Story

Italics- Aster's thoughts
Fences - Paramore - Lyrics03:19

Fences - Paramore - Lyrics



I'm sitting in a room

Made up of only big white walls and in the hall

There's people looking through

The window in the door

They know exactly what their here for

I heard screeching in the white room down the hall. So far only one person I know has gone in there, and is in there right now...

The door opened. Humans rushed out with a table on wheels. On the table lay a body... a non-moving body.

Oh no! They killed him! NO!!

Don't look up

Just let them think

There's no place else you'd rather be

The humans came up to Aster's cage.

No no no! You can't do this to me after you killed my friend!

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