Ember- Ro
Status: Rogue Clan leader
Current: BoneClan
Past: Loner, MoonClan
Names (Note that BoneClan pretends to be a warrior Clan)
Kit: Emberkit
Loner: Ember
Rogue: Ember
Warrior: Emberclaw
Deputy: Emberclaw
Leader: Emberstar
Mate: Talon Sr.
Mother: Sweetflower
Father: Wolftalon
Brother: Lionstrike
Sister: Sweetwind
Daughter Talon Jr. a.k.a 'Little Talon'
Living: Rogue's Legacy, Warrior's Destiny
Dead: None
Role-Play Information
Roleplayed By: Millie

Ember is a black tom with amber eyes. He wears a ragged, blood red collar studded with the teeth of his enemies. He always has dried blood on his claws.

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