A light brown tabby with a white chest and paws was walking into the woods, the snow crunching beneath her slightly clumsy paws. A dark ginger she-cat with one white paw padded along side her sister.

"It'll be okay Leafpool," The ginger she-cat meowed.

"No, it won't! It won't be okay Squirrelflight!" Leafpool wanted to scream as a sharp pain shot in her stomach.

"Squirrelflight!" She winced as another sharp pain rippled through her body. "Their coming! The kits are coming!"

Three little kits were born; a golden tom, a black she-cat, and a little gray tom. Squirrelflight licked her sister's ear.

"Take care of them, Squirrelflight?" Leafpool looked up at her sister, her amber eyes filled with longing and adoration.

"I will" Squirrelflight's green eyes were filled with love as she looked at the three kits. "I'll love them as if they were my own..."

"What if someone should find out?" Leafpool thought things through over and over again but she still wasn't sure on whether or not it would work.

"They won't,' Squirrelflight licked her littermate's tabby ear. "If they do, we'll figure it out and get through it, like we always do."

"Okay," Leafpool stood up and picked up the golden tom-kit in her jaws. "Help me carry them back to camp?"

"Sure," The ginger she-cat picked up the gray tom and black she-kit. Then the two sisters walked through the thorn barrier, not knowing the struggles lying ahead of them.

Chapter OneEdit

Jayfeather applied the herb poultice to Squirrelflight's shoulder. He still he resented her, for lying to them about being their mother, decieving him and his littermates. Hollyleaf had ran away for that! Littlecloud's words echoed in his ears.

"We all make mistakes. Some have echoes that last forever."

Jayfeather detected Leafpool's scent as she walked past the medicine den. Her grief hit him like a blow to the face. She was his real mother, a former medicine cat, Leafpool broke both the warrior code and the medicine cat code by taking a Windclan warrior, Crowfeather, as a mate.

"Jayfeather?" Squirrelflight meowed. "You know I love you and your littermates with all of my heart, as if you were my own."

"I don't want to talk to about this, Squirrelflight." Jayfeather growled. "Not again."

He felt Squirrelflight's sorrow and depression so strongly, as if it were his own. Maybe it was in a way. She did love him, Lionblaze, and Hollyleaf. After all, she had fought the fox to save Jayfeather's life and her injuries could have been much worse or even fatal.

If she loved us she wouldn't have lied! Jayfeather thought to himself.

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