For Book One (Burgandykit):


Leader: Decieptstar, black tom

(apprentice Snowpaw)

Deputy: Razorfang, black tom with sharp fangs

Medicine Kitty: Sneakyheart, black she kitty

(apprentice Laughpaw)


Tanshadow, dark tan and black tom

(apprentice Snarlpaw)

Eaglewish, black, brown, and white tortoiseshell she kitty

Winterfall, almost-white gray she kitty with black around the eyes

Screeheart, black and white tom

(apprentice Cavepaw)


Snowpaw, blue she kitty with white patches (different)

Laughpaw, black tom with white patches

Snarlpaw, dark gray she kitty

Cavepaw, dark gray tom


Windwhisper, white and gray she kitty. Gave birth to Tanshadow's kits: Burgandykit, Graykit, Hardkit, Streamkit, and Cloverkit

Crowheart, black she kitty. Gave birth to Screeheart's kits: Thrushkit, Mousekit, and Rabbitkit *


Burgandykit, reddish tom with one blue eye and one green, and brown paws

Graykit, pale gray she kitty

Hardkit, black tom with brown flecks

Streamkit, blue gray she kitty with grayish blue patches

Cloverkit, pale gray, fluffy she kitty with clovergreen eyes

Thrushkit, brown tom with blackish ear- and paw-tips

Mousekit, gray tom

Rabbitkit, pale gray she kitty flecked with darker gray and a short white tail


Leapingsun, gray tom with yellow jagged stripes


Leader: Hurricanestar, an old gray tom

Deputy: Wanderingfoot, a bluish grayish she kitty

Medicine Kitty: Brinegaze, a silver tabby tom


Leafpelt, a gold and white tortoiseshell tom (~Nightfern~)

(apprentice Shiningpaw)


Shiningpaw, a white and pale silver she kitty




  • She must have been hungry when she named them...

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